Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Night of Lights - Short Story

picture via Pinterest

     This is somewhat of an experimental piece. One day I got the inspiration to try writing in a different style than I normally do. Let me know what you think!


     Out of the vast and desolate darkness appeared a brilliant mass of light. As the plane continued to descend, the mass sorted itself into individual dots, some moving, others stationary.

"The world looks so small from up here," thought the girl from where she was glued to the window.

Suddenly, the lights disappeared as the plane passed over a low small cloud. Then, just as abruptly, they again materialized out of the darkness. A steward strode by reminding everyone to fold up their tray tables. The girl was too entranced to even consider glancing away from the window. Now she could make out the shapes of buildings. Specks of white lights indicating cars seemed to move in slow motion, but steadily increased their speed as the plane came nearer and nearer to its final destination. A pang of sadness washed over her as she realized that soon, she'd leave the tranquility of the skies and be thrust into the turmoil of earth. The pilot's voice came over the intercom announcing they'd reached the airport and to prepare for landing. The girl uncurled her legs from where she was huddled in the seat and refastened her safety belt, bracing for the impact of the landing gear hitting the runway.
Before the aircraft even came to a full stop, the passengers were on their feet pulling luggage from the overhead and crowding into the aisle. She allowed herself to be carried along as the passengers impatiently pressed toward the exit. She smiled kindly at the flight attendant who bid her a good night. A flurry of activity followed after exiting the terminal as her fellow passengers hailed taxis or called upon relatives to pick them up. She gazed about, still trying to adjust to the sudden commotion that now overwhelmed her senses. Glancing up, she noticed another plane making its descent. Had it only been moments before when she had serenely observed this never-sleeping city from above? Tilting her head back even farther and looking above the city lights, she observed God's lights, a host of twinkling stars. Peace washed over her and the noise faded away.

Smiling, she whispered, "Thank you Lord for your Light."



  1. Beautiful. Are you the girl in this story? I have never flown, but it sounds like a neat experience.

    1. She is partly based off myself. Aside from all the security stuff and the stress of needing to make it to your plane before it leaves, flying can be rather enjoyable.

  2. Short and sweet. Love the style. Keep up your excellent writing skills!