Saturday, March 31, 2018

Special Project Announcement!

     I'M BACK Y'ALL!!! College is killing me but I'M BACK. A few things have changed on the blog (most notably the expansion of the title) but it's still the same gal behind the screen. :) You may remember from this post (Taking a Break - 3 Reasons Why) that I mentioned working on a "special project." It's finally time to reveal what that project is.

Drumroll please....

.... more drumrolling.....

..... here it comes.....

..... this is it......

I'M WRITING A BOOK!!!!  Well, two books actually. The first one is titled "Jonathan and the Royal Conspiracy" and the second is "Diary of a New Driver."

Jonathan and the Royal Conspiracy
   The idea for this book came one Sunday during morning worship services. Our pastor was going through the book of 2 Samuel and was in chapter fifteen, which tells of Absalom's uprising against King David. It was as though I'd never read this before. Intrigued, I kept reading into the following chapters which tell of David fleeing Jerusalem, the priests following after him, but then being sent back with the command to (basically) act as spies for David. If the priests heard anything of Absalom's plans, they were to send their sons, Jonathan and Ahimaaz, to David with the information.

"Wow," I thought while reading. "This is fascinating! In fact, it would make a great Biblical historical fiction book. Someone should really write a book about this!"

It was then the idea hit me.

Why don't I write a book about it?

Over a year has passed since the Lord first planted that idea in my mind, and since then I've written nine chapters for the book. A slow start for sure, but I've learned a LOT about writing. The book is still under close wraps so I can't tell you much more about it. But stay on the lookout for future posts with more info!

Diary of a New Driver
   After driving for almost two years, I've accumulated quite the repertoire of humorous and harrowing incidents! Recently, I decided to capture all those experiences into, what I call, an autobiographical comedic short story. I plan on publishing Diary of a New Driver on this blog, so be sure to subscribe by email to get future posts in your inbox!

So, whatcha think? Was the announcement what you expected it would be? If you have any writing tips, please leave them in the comments! All advice is appreciated. :)


  1. Ahhhh, wow! I'm so excited for your historical fiction project. And "Diary of a New Driver..." I already suspect I'll be relating strongly to some of your stories, haha. Can't wait to hear more about both. :D

    1. Thanks Maria! Several people so far have told me they related very strongly to it. XP Can't wait to share them with you!

  2. Keep up your writing, sis! Your ever supporting admirer,


  3. That's exciting! They both sound really interesting. :) Biblical fiction is one of my favourite genres, and the driving diary sounds very relatable, haha. All the best with them both, and with college and everything else in your life too. It's nice to hear from you! :) xx

    1. Biblical historical fiction is one of my favorite genres as well! There isn't enough of it, in my opinion. Thanks so much Jessica! <3