Monday, June 29, 2015

My Guitar

   When I was 13, I was with my mom on her weekly shopping trip. We had stopped at Target so I could use the gift cards my grandmother and aunt had given me for my birthday. As we were wandering around, I noticed a guitar which was 50% off. I immediately wanted it. So that day, I walked home with a new guitar and absolutely no knowledge of how to play it.

   Fortunately, there was a lady at our Bible study named Nikolle who knew the basics of how to play a guitar. During the summer, she showed me how to tune the guitar and play several chords. 

   That school year, I began taking lessons at our homeschool group from Mr. Steve Abshire. He's a wonderful teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed his classes. Since then, I haven't been able to take any more lessons but I do play my guitar every couple of weeks as I try to retain what I've learned and attempt to absorb more information from various books and Youtube videos. 


  1. I like playing guitar too, but I have never taken lessons and only know a little bit. I think I like ukulele better, its easier and small enough to carry around. :)

    Nice post, Gloria!

    Love, Caroline @

    1. Thanks! I've thought about getting a ukelele but haven't actually bought one.