Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Taking A Break - 3 Reasons Why

     I'll be taking a temporary blogging hiatus over the next school year. But don't worry, I'm not dropping off the blogosphere completely! However, my posts will become more irregular and you may notice some changes on the blog. Why am I taking a break?

1. College

     While I graduated high school a year ago, I decided not to enter college immediately. Instead I took a Gap year. During that time, I grew this blog, helped my dad start creating a website for his teaching ministry (check it out here), and worked on a very special project (more on that later). All the while, we prayed for the Lord's direction in choosing the right major and searched for an online Christian college. The Lord has finally made the path plain for me. Last month I started college with Lumerit Unbound pursuing an Information Technology major. Your prayers would be appreciated as I start the next phase of my education.

2. Taking time to improve this blog

     For years I've tinkered with this blog's layout, design, colors, and content, but have never been able to get it quite how I'd like it. Hopefully with the skills learned from Computer Science, I'll be able to perfect this blog to my liking.

3. A special project

     I can't say much about this yet as it's still in the early stages. The Lord planted an idea in my mind during worship services one Sunday morning. Hopefully within a year or so I'll be able to tell you all about it!

     Please, please, please pray that the Lord would guide me as I seek His will for this project and for my future career. Thank you all so much for your support!

 - Gloria
Soli Deo Gloria